vrijdag 16 september 2016

Fraud Detection and Fraud Detection Solutions- What are the rules supported by Fraud Labs Pro

There are more than 40 rules introduced by FraudLabs Pro. Please see the summary below.

You may visit the pricing page for the number of rules available for each plan.

1.      What are the rules supported?
·         Address Validation.
·         Billing City
·         Billing Country
·         Billing Region
·         Billing ZIP Code
·         Shipping Address
·         Shipping Country
·         Visitor Region
·         Visitor ZIP Code

2.      IP Validation.
·         Distance Between Visitor City And Billing City
·         Distance Between Visitor City And Shipping City
·         ISP Usage Type
·         Visitor Country
·         Visitor IP

3.      Email Validation.
·         Email Address
·         Email Address (Domain)
·         Email Domain Age

4.      User Account Validation.
·         Login Credential

5.      Fraud Score Validation.
·         Fraud Score

6.      Credit Card Validation.
·         AVS
·         CVV
·         Card BIN Phone
·         Credit Card BIN
·         Credit Card Issuer Country
·         Credit Card Issuer Name
·         Credit Card Number
·         Credit Card Type

7.      Device Validation.
·         Device
·         Device ID

8.      Transaction Validation.
·         Department
·         Payment Mode
·         Total Amount Of A Transaction
·         Total Amount Transacted In This Profile Within The Last 24 Hours
·         Total Quantity Of A Transaction
·         Total Quantity Ordered In This Profile Within The Last 24 Hours
·         Total Transactions By Credit Card Within The Last 24 Hours
·         Total Transactions By Email Within The Last 24 Hours
·         Total Transactions By IP Address Within The Last 24 Hours
·         Total Transactions in This Profile Within The Last 24 Hours

dinsdag 5 januari 2016

How Ineffective Sales Collateral Can Cost you Your Business

David Packard, co-founder of the global Information Technology (IT) Company Hewlett-Packard (HP), once stated, “Marketing is too important to be left alone with the marketing department”. Other huge international corporations agreed to this statement raising a lot of eyebrows from different individuals. How important is marketing that even the team that is responsible for it is strictly and sometimes, directly supervised and is given great importance by the owner himself?

Marketing, as many business graduates and other related-field would agree, is even given emphasis in top universities and schools. Marketing is reviewed the most vital part of every business. It is a weapon in which depends how the company thrives. It is no wonder marketing materials, or better known as sales collateral, is also treated with high importance.

Your business seeks to provide the right product or service which can satisfy your client. However, there are times when your message falls on deaf ears –or sometimes, on wrong audience. It is then that your well-honed enterprise cannot deliver the profits you are expecting.

The Peterson Group, provider of top quality sales collateral for better marketing, reminds us that companies of all sizes are also challenged by how they can express their feel and look to their customers while prioritizing their client’s desires. You are not the only one who is struggling with ineffective marketing tactic.

Often, customers make their buying decision on the quality of your proposal, sales collateral and website content. You may have the best product in the world but the failure to communicate it to your niche and demonstrate your potential is nil when you do not have the proper tools or have the wrong way of delivering your message, as emphasized by Jakarta Marketing Development Company, one of the leading marketing adviser in Indonesia.

A few common problems on the use of sales collateral include:

·        poorly written content and badly framed proposal;
·        Overrated messages resulting to scam potential;
·        Ineffective sales and marketing collateral;
·        Deficient value of propositions and presentations; and
·        Non-supportive website content

It is sometimes difficult for organizations to recognize the communication obstacles that are preventing them from capitalizing on sales opportunities. Day to day business goals and activities generally encourage a “reactive” rather than “proactive” collateral style, which doesn’t always produce the most impressive results. Executives who become engulfed in business details sometimes struggle to recognize weaknesses in collateral or are too overwhelmed with their jobs to focus on addressing the problem.